Monday, May 18, 2009

Jeans Pantyhose and Ballerina Flats - Set 1

I just love to see pantyhose under pants. I look, and look in order to see that specific glance...and once i see it,i go crazy.
I am in love with tan pantyhose, specially when u cannot tell if she is wearing any. And when flats and ballerinas come into play...oh my god.
So here is the first set for this combination.
Have fun

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  1. Hey Shoeslave,

    This a real good blog! I like your candid collections with pictures from the web and your self-shot candids are of very high quality! Since I'm absolutely into pantyhosed feet I would very much appreciate to see some feet candids :)
    I also love the combination of jeans, pantyhose and ballerinas. Do you have some shoeplay pictures? That would be great :)
    Also check out my Quality-candid-pantyhose-Blog with high quality pictures of female feet in pantyhose!

    Cheers, PHF-Lover